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The book-list gives publications which give historical treatment subjects relevant to Upper Eden. Some are academic, some are "popular".

This list is not exhaustive, the ordering has no special significance, and any historical conclusions contained in a work are those of its author.

Some are published locally by Hayloft Press who have many more local historical titles in their catalogue.

The Story of Brough-under-Stainmore by Margaret Gowling. Hayloft Publishing Ltd, South Stainmore, Kirkby Stephen, 2011. The author is the current Society President. The book is based on records concerning the "ordinary" people of the parish, though the rich and important do feature since their impact on others could be a significant factor in the latter's lives. 

The Story of Appleby in Westmorland by Martin Holdgate. Hayloft Publishing, Kirkby Stephen, 2006. This is a completely revised and largely rewritten edition of the book he first published 50 years ago as A History of Appleby.

Lady Anne Clifford by Richard T. Spence. Sutton Publishing Ltd, Thrupp, Stroud, Gloucester, 1997. Lady Anne (1590-1676) is probably the best known historical landowner of parts of Westmorland including the Eden Valley (as well as Skipton in Yorkshire)

An Eighteenth-Century Shopkeeper: Abraham Dent of Kirkby Stephen by T. S. Willan. Manchester University Press, 1970

Things New and Old at and around Kirkby Stephen: Westmorland: History and Traditions by Rev. Canon James Simpson. Upper Eden History Society, 2006.  These are articles by Canon Simpson from the Kirkby Stephen Church Magazine between January 1876 and July 1877 which were collected and published (?by the author) in 1877. The 2006 date was for a republication by the UEHS, additionally illustrated from early photographs, to celebrate the Society's 21st birthday.

A North Westmoreland Village Lad by Robinson Wharton. Wilton Publishing Co, Hartpury, Gloucester, 1999. The village of the title is Winton.

A History of Kirkby Stephen by Douglas Birkbeck. Cito Press, Soulby, Kirkby Stephen, 2000

From Hellgill to Bridge End: Aspects of economic and social change in the Upper Eden Valley, 1840-95 by Margaret E. Shepherd. Studies in Regional and Local History Volume 2. University of Hertfordshire Press, 2003

Nine Standards: Ancient Cairns or Modern Folly? by Stephen Walker. Hayloft Publishing Ltd, South Stainmore, Kirkby Stephen, 2008. A study of a local landmark near Kirkby Stephen

Kirkby Stephen Past: People, Places and Plague. General editor Anne Taylor. UEHS Occasional Series: No 1. Upper Eden History Society, Kirkby Stephen. 2019

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